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Candra Anaya

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About Me

I am the 8-year-old who wrote a poem titled, "Proud to be Black", as a white, Mormon child in a conservative, affluent neighborhood in 1982.  I am the 10-year-old who stunned her class by writing a report on the pros and cons of abortion; my teacher failed me.  I am the 12-year-old who won 1st place in the State of California

for a creative writing contest for a short story about racism and housing discrimination.  I am the 14-year-old aspiring poet who published numerous poems in multiple poetry anthologies.  I am the twenty-something who filled dozens of journals and dreamed of being a spoken word artist.  I am the thirty-something who wrote and edited a monthly newsletter for my business that inspired the spiritually evolving feminist.  I am the forty-something who slayed a rare form of cancer, survived 5 brain surgeries, and multiple near-death experiences.  Presently, I am writing my debut memoir, Invincible, publishing original essays on Medium, and curating a monthly advice column, DearQueer~ Gayly Giving Advice Straight from the Heart. 

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~ Gayly Giving Advice Straight from the Heart ~

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New York Times bestselling author,

Jodi Picoult


"Oh my gosh, Candra!  It's 6am and I am crying!"

after reading:

Jodi Picoult Told Me to Write a Book: I have the E-mail to Prove it

Writing by the Water

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                            ~ INVINCIBLE ~

                        A debut memoir 

With a one-in-a-billion statistical chance, a new mother given a triple diagnosis duels with death and chooses life in what ultimately becomes a spiritual quest to save her physical self.

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